It’s Hard to be Catholic

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I came home grumpy the other day and despite knowing that most of my frustration was largely out of my control, I immediately began complaining to my husband when I walked in the door. It had been a less than stellar day in the office. The friends and family that I’d tried calling on the drive home had all been busy and although I had no major update to give them, I missed them very much. I’ve also been consumed lately with thoughts of the future and trying to figure out how my husband and I might go about starting a family amid two full time careers. 

I know that God will provide for us so long as we continue to turn to Him in our struggles. I’m also well aware that these are small change compared to the trials of others. I understand that prayer is often the best medicine and we need only bear our crosses and give them up to God. However, as I sat next to my husband while we prayed our daily rosary I was struck by how un-catholic my behavior had been that day. I had not done any of the prayerful things I just mentioned. This was also in dramatic contrast with my husband’s actions as he spent the entire evening going out of his way to cheer me up. 

Being catholic is not always easy. It’s far easier to whine and gripe about every little thing that’s going wrong. In the moment, God can slip our minds entirely as was my case. It didn’t even occur to me that day to relinquish my frustrations to Him. But while we keep faith in God, we are never alone and it’s times like these that I feel unbelievably blessed that He sent my husband to me to be an example and a friend on the bad days. As members of God’s universal church we have the privilege of seeing Christ everyday if we keep our eyes open, whether it be in the kindness of a random stranger on the street, in the devout worship of our fellow parishioners during Sunday mass, or in the love and care we receive from spouses, family and friends. 

11 thoughts on “It’s Hard to be Catholic

  1. Your post reminded of the homily at daily mass today. Rather than finding God in the extraordinary, it was about finding Him in the small, ordinary, boring, frustrating, unglamourous moments of daily life. Stay strong in your faith and trust in the Lord. Praying for you.

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  2. Agreed, Living as a Christian is a lif-long struggle. Some of the desert fathers call this struggle “running”, as in running in a race. The Son of God incarnated because we cannot do it on our own. We cannot remain faithful, he gives us the power to remain faithful. Praying, fasting, giving alms, are very good practices but they are the means to an end, that is living in communion with Jesus Christ.

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